Welcome to the Weston Flyers!

Weston Town Center

This is the website for the cycling group called the Weston Flyers.

This is a group ride that leaves the Weston, FL Town Center in Broward County (in front of Starbuck’s under the clock tower) weekday mornings as well as Saturday mornings.

1675 Market St, Weston, FL 33326

Riding Schedule:

  • Monday – no ride.
  • Tuesday – 6:00am Fast 12.5 mile loop that returns to the Town Center for the 6:45am ride.
  • Tuesday – 6:45am Fast 22.5 mile loop that continues to the “El Cartel” third loop.
  • Wednesday Morning – 6:45am Moderate – Tempo 20 mile loop.
  • Thursday – Repeat of Tuesday’s Schedule.
  • Friday – Easy 20 mile loop.
  • Saturday – 7:00am Fast approximately 35 mile ride thru Cooper City, Southwest Ranches, Pembroke Pines, and Miramar.
  • Sunday – no ride.

Video of Thursday ride using the outside loop on US 27.

44 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weston Flyers!

  1. Hi!! My name is Jenny Sanchez. My husband and I along with a great team of teachers recently opened a Bikram Hot Yoga studio in Weston. We are officially off the ground and I wanted to invite your cycling club to come check us out!
    We currently offer a great Intro Special of $49 for your first month unlimited yoga. We would like to offer your cycling club an even better group discount…..for a group of 15 people or more we will offer the same first month unlimited yoga for only $35 per person.
    We are also having a free community class Saturday June 6th @ 10am that we would like to invite you to.
    I’ve worked with a lot of cyclist over the years and have seen how much Bikram Yoga has improved their performance. Preventing and healing injuries, adding speed and endurance, and most of all improving their breathing.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. When you have a group together give me a call and I can set it up for you.
    You can check out the schedule and read a bit about Bikram Yoga on our website http://www.BsweatyByoga.com.
    Thanks so much!!!
    Jenny Sanchez


    1. Yes the 2015 Turkey Ride will start in Town Center in Weston.
      The ride will start at 7:30am.
      We will be collecting donations for the Harvest Drive to feed the poor. Controlled Pace heading North while Flyers peloton pace headed back.


  2. Is there a membership fee to ride with the group? I just moved to the area and I’d like to start riding with the group. Thank you, Javier.


  3. I’ll be in town late tonight (7/4/16) through tomorrow afternoon. You’re a bit away from my hotel in Dania Beach (~17 miles) but saw you do a Tuesday ride. Is this still happening tomorrow on 7/5? I stuffed my trusty “b” bike into a case and brought it along for my travels.


      1. Great. Is it 6 or 6:45? I just realized your sun doesn’t rise until 6 (4:35 in Nh) so I’ll have to think of logistics. 35 minutes of darkness riding without lights is a bad idea. Didn’t think I’d need them, lesson learned.


      2. There is an approximately 13 mile quick warm up ride at 6:00am that starts and returns to the 6:45 meetup (Starbucks). It’s dark at the beginning of the 6am ride but is light by the end. If you hung out in the group you would probably be fine. Otherwise it’s light for the longer 6:45 ride.


      3. Great, thanks for being so helpful. I’m going to shoot for the 6:45. Not worried about the lights then, worried about lights for the 17 mile ride from hotel to start point. I’ve got a flashlight I’m sure I can fashion to the bars to get me there. Appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions.


  4. Can anyone please provide the Sat WestonFlyers longer ride (60) route directions. If you have it on RideWithGPS that would be great. Directions on Garmin also works as well as MapMyRide. I just prefer plugging the directions into my Garmin as I haven’t ridden in this area but only once before. I primarily ride in Parkland, West Boca and along A1A. I have done lots of riding in and around Atlanta plus the mountains of North GA and the Carolinas. Also a lot of riding in NYC and over the GW in New Jersey up RT 9 to Bear Mt.


  5. I’m coming down for Fleet Week and for the Tuesday/Thursday ride, how fast is “fast”? What is the average speed of the group, over or under 23 mph?


    1. There is not really an official Wednesday night “Flyers ride” although some riders have met at Starbucks during the summer.

      But here is another group that meets up:

      WEDNESDAY July 5, 2017 pedals up 6:30pm
      PUBLIX WESTON TOWN CENTER (outer area of parking lot)
      Join us for our regular Wed. night ride Route is all right turns 30 mile route
      SPEED GROUPS: 16 to 18 mph; 18 to 21
      Must have lights on your bike


  6. Hello, are you still meeting at Starbucks?

    I stopped by today at 6pm but did no see anyone, the find that the meeting point fir the afternoon ride might had change to Publix at 6:30pm is this right?

    Will try again tomorrow 6:45am.

    Fingers crossed


      1. Ok thanks, the page still has a Wednesday night ride at 6pm.

        Just to confirm, Saturday ride meeting time is 7am?


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