Welcome to the Weston Flyers!

Weston Town Center

This is the website for the cycling group called the Weston Flyers.

This is a group ride that leaves the Weston, FL Town Center in Broward County (in front of Starbuck’s under the clock tower) weekday mornings as well as Saturday mornings.

1675 Market St, Weston, FL 33326

Riding Schedule:

  • Monday – no ride.
  • Tuesday – 6:00am Fast 12.5 mile loop that returns to the Town Center for the 6:45am ride.
  • Tuesday – 6:45am Fast 22.5 mile loop that continues to the “El Cartel” third loop.
  • Wednesday Morning – 6:45am Moderate – Tempo 20 mile loop.
  • Wednesday Night – 6:00pm  22-24mph steady pace 37 miles loop.
  • Thursday – Repeat of Tuesday’s Schedule.
  • Friday – Easy 20 mile loop.
  • Saturday – 7:00am Fast approximately 35 mile ride thru Cooper City, Southwest Ranches, Pembroke Pines, and Miramar.
  • Sunday – no ride.

Video of Thursday ride using the outside loop on US 27.


36 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weston Flyers!

    1. Yes the 2015 Turkey Ride will start in Town Center in Weston.
      The ride will start at 7:30am.
      We will be collecting donations for the Harvest Drive to feed the poor. Controlled Pace heading North while Flyers peloton pace headed back.


  1. Is there a membership fee to ride with the group? I just moved to the area and I’d like to start riding with the group. Thank you, Javier.


  2. I’ll be in town late tonight (7/4/16) through tomorrow afternoon. You’re a bit away from my hotel in Dania Beach (~17 miles) but saw you do a Tuesday ride. Is this still happening tomorrow on 7/5? I stuffed my trusty “b” bike into a case and brought it along for my travels.


      1. Great. Is it 6 or 6:45? I just realized your sun doesn’t rise until 6 (4:35 in Nh) so I’ll have to think of logistics. 35 minutes of darkness riding without lights is a bad idea. Didn’t think I’d need them, lesson learned.


      2. There is an approximately 13 mile quick warm up ride at 6:00am that starts and returns to the 6:45 meetup (Starbucks). It’s dark at the beginning of the 6am ride but is light by the end. If you hung out in the group you would probably be fine. Otherwise it’s light for the longer 6:45 ride.


      3. Great, thanks for being so helpful. I’m going to shoot for the 6:45. Not worried about the lights then, worried about lights for the 17 mile ride from hotel to start point. I’ve got a flashlight I’m sure I can fashion to the bars to get me there. Appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions.


  3. I’m coming down for Fleet Week and for the Tuesday/Thursday ride, how fast is “fast”? What is the average speed of the group, over or under 23 mph?


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